Calendar 2022

Each year since 2016 I have produced a calendar for sale via this website. It’s a great way to exhibit my work and every year I try to think of a new theme, something a little different to a traditional calendar.

You can view examples of photographs from earlier calendar in the galleries linked at the bottom of this page.

For 2022 I am looking for some help with ideas. The subject will be the less familiar landmarks of London, a place I have lived in for the past thirty years. In keeping with my project on time and place I am looking for locations that resonate through the ages. I have come up with a few ideas myself: a two thousand year old tree, the birthplace of television, the “Hardy Tree”, and one the churches designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor.

However I am on the hunt for more. If you have a particular hidden landmark of London which you feel ought to be included please let me know in the comments below. Tell me where it is and why it should be included. I will endeavour to photograph it, subject to Covid or any other restrictions.

I am looking for the overlooked rather than the usual landmarks that make up London.

Later in the year I will show all the photographs on this website and ask for you to choose the ones you think should be in the final calendar. If your landmark is included you will be in line for a free calendar.

Calendars from previous years.

Click on the links below to view examples of some of the works that were included in my calendars from earlier years.


Bike parts

For my first calendar I took photographs of bike parts, primarily Campagnolo, the premier maker of high end cycle components.



In 2017 I chose a very different theme – flowers. Mainly close-ups and quite a few unusual views of sunflowers.

In 2018 there was a choice of calendars

Cycling in Islington

Street photographs of the London Borough of Islington.

English landscapes

Photographs taken around the English countryside.


Riding to the end of the road – the Dorset coast

The 2019 calendar was dedicated to the first part of my cycling photography project, “Riding to the end of the Road”. The pictures were all taken where tracks and roads came to an end on the Dorset coast.


Riding to the end of the road – from the city to the coast

And in 2020 I continued the “Riding to the end of the Road” this time with photographs taken on the ride from London to the Essex coast at Bradwell. These photographs were also the subject of my exhibition at the beginning of 2020.


Like most people in 2020 (when I was putting together the next year’s calendar) I was locked down so my horizons were very limited. I raided my archive of old colour slides for the 2021 calendar..

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