• Looking at photographs

    Looking at photographs

    Take time to really look at photographs. It’s good for you and it’s good for your photography. Read more

  • Queens Wood

    Queens Wood

    The road from the west to the Mossy Well runs through woodland. Once the trees would have extended much further. Now the Mossy Well has become the North London suburb of Muswell Hill and the forest has shrunk to two small patches along either side of the main road from Highgate tube. Read more

  • Along the Riverbank

    Along the Riverbank

    Late one Saturday afternoon I took the half hour train ride out of London to the small town of Hertford for a walk along the River Lea. Read more

  • Wick Wood

    Wick Wood

    Wick Wood didn’t really exist thirty or so years ago. It was planted as part of the building of the M11 extension. Before that it was open land, some it marshy. During the second world war gun emplacements were located here to defend London and the nearby docks. Read more

  • New River

    New River

    A short walk along the New River … Read more

  • A1


    The A1 runs 610 kilometres from London to Edinburgh. It has been designated the A1 for exactly 100 years Read more

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