• Bunhill Fields

    Bunhill Fields

    London is a city of towns and villages, once separate from each other and with their own distinct character. And then there would have been the spaces in between; the fields, moorlands and forests almost unpopulated save for the occasional dwelling Read more

  • Markfield


    One of a series of posts exploring the obscure landmarks of London. This time Markfield Park – now an art gallery but once a sewage works. Read more

  • Hill Garden

    Hill Garden

    Hill Garden is an almost secret park tucked away on the far western edge of Hampstead Heath, between Hampstead and Golders Green. What it like about it is the way it blurs into the edges of the heath with, at its heart, a dramatic pergola rising above the surrounding land. Read more

  • Yew Tree

    Yew Tree

    This ancient Yew Tree stands in the churchyard in the village of Totteridge on the very edges of London. It is reputedly 2000 years old. What has it seen? Read more

  • The People’s Stone

    The People’s Stone

    The People’s Stone or the Freedom of Speech Stone stands on Hampstead Heath on the climb towards Parliament Hill. I have been unable to find out much about it beyond the fact that it may have once been a place where people congregated to protest or to speak out on controversial matters, a little bit like Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. Read more

  • Martyrs


    In 1833 six farm workers in the village of Tolpuddle, Dorset, seeing their living standards plummet, combined together to protect their wages. They were prosecuted and transported to Australia. Tens of thousands of protestors set off from Copenhagen Fields (the later site of this clocktower) to petition for their return. Their campaign was successful and the men were freed. Read more

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