Chesil Beach

Many of my photographs are taken along the beautiful Dorset coast and one of the most glorious places to photograph is the Chesil Beach. It’s eighteen miles (twenty-nine kilometres) long and stretches along the Jurassic Coast from the Isle of Portland in the southeast all the way to West Bay further northwest (the latter better known these days as Broadchurch, the television drama series).

I have walked parts of the beach many times, particularly the Portland end, and what has always attracted me are the pebbles. They are worn smooth by the sea and the wind, and sometimes come in beautiful colours. It is said that a sailor landing upon the beach can tell where they are by the size of the pebbles. At the Portland end they are much larger than at West Bay.

These photographs were taken at the Portland end as I trudged along the beach looking down. As you can see I have done a little bit of manipulation to enhance their colours (!).

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