Winter cycling

It can be harder to go cycling in the Winter; the days are short and the weather is colder. However, a ride through open countryside, with the wind at your back and the low winter sun illuminating leafless trees and ploughed fields, can be a breathtaking experience.

The Shape of Trees

On cycle rides I notice the changing tree shapes throughout the seasons, . This inspired the “Shape of Trees” project, which captures the various changes trees undergo throughout the year and as they age. A calendar featuring these photographs is available for purchase for 2024.

From the sea to the city

Sometimes I have ridden to the end of the road and looked out upon the sea. In July 2023 I went the other way. After holidaying near the North Norfolk coast I cycled back into Norwich to catch the train home.

Along the Riverbank

Late one Saturday afternoon I took the half hour train ride out of London to the small town of Hertford for a walk along the River Lea.