How to fall back in love with photography – Disruption

Fallen out of love with photography? Perhaps you need to change how you take photographs and what you photograph. Try these four different ways to mix up your way of photography.


In praise of the humble beanbag! It’s an affordable and portable photographic accessory for when you want to support your camera for longer shutter speeds and don’t have your tripod with you.

Holidaying at home

It’s easier to take photographs on holiday when everything is new and exciting but how do you replicate that excitement when you are not on holiday?


A visit to Greenwich to explore some of its lesser know landmarks


The A1 runs 610 kilometres from London to Edinburgh. It has been designated the A1 for exactly 100 years

On this day 10th March

From my collection of photographs I have taken in previous years this one was taken today two years ago in Trafalgar Square. I was struck by the little boy’s red shoes and the approaching pigeons.

On this day 22nd February

Today’s photograph was taken nine years ago in 2014.

When I have visitors come up to London we usually meet at Waterloo Station so I have got to know the area very well over the years, including the Southbank Centre full of corners and alcoves, many of them used for alternative activities, such as skateboarding: