Time and place

Many years ago I studied history and, along with the causes of the English Revolution and the Partition of India, it taught me two things

One – always question everything. Just because things are the way they are now does not mean that is how they have always been and always will be. History is not fixed, contrary to the opinion of a few misguided politicians jumping on bandwagons. Our view of our past will always change because we always change, and we should celebrate that fact not set up strictures on what is and what is not history.

Secondly, and combined with my love and photography I have a strong sense of time and place. Sometimes it is looking through old photographs and connecting with the moment they were taken. On other occasions it is when I am photographing a place where something happened. It could be something dramatic, a battle fought; or something mundane, a life lived; but whatever it is I feel that I am drawn back to that moment in the photographs I take of that place.

I am currently working on a series of photo essays that will be appear on the blog over the next few months. Through my photographs and research they will each look at a particular place and a particular time.

The first one will be appear very shortly and I do hope that you enjoy reading them. Your views will be much appreciated.

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