Stephen Taylor.

I am a photographer based in London, UK although I also spend a great deal of time in Dorset (Thomas Hardy’s Wessex) where I grew up and still have family. That is why you will see a fair few photographs from that part of the world on this site as well.

My photographs have appeared in the Royal Photographic Society London Regional Members’ Exhibition, the annual Lauderdale House Photographic Exhibition in Highgate, North London and the Dorset Arts and Crafts Fair. I have also had a couple of solo exhibitions in Dorset and London.

Many of the photographs you will see on these pages were taken on cycle rides, primarily in the West Country or in the counties around London. Some of the postings on this site will reflect those journeys.

I am always learning, keen to learn more about the history of photography in order to become a better photographer. I spend a lot of time reading about photography and photographers, going to exhibitions, and just thinking about photography. Some of those thoughts might end up in the blog.

My photographs are on sale at Alamy and nuMonday.

When I am not taking photographs (or thinking about them!) I am a freelance e-learning developer and instructional designer. You can find out more about that part of my life here

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