• Photographing the over-photographed

    Photographing the over-photographed

    How do you photograph something that has been photographed many times? Here are a few ideas. Read more

  • A cycle ride

    A cycle ride

    Join me on a cycle ride through the Buckinghamshire countryside on a late August day. Read more

  • From the sea to the city

    From the sea to the city

    Sometimes I have ridden to the end of the road and looked out upon the sea. In July 2023 I went the other way. After holidaying near the North Norfolk coast I cycled back into Norwich to catch the train home. Read more

  • Slow


    Much of my photography is made whilst out cycling on country lanes. As I ride along I have plenty of time to look around me, and one thing I notice are the “Slow” signs painted on the road. This is a meditation on the painted sign. Read more

  • Journal


    Keeping a journal of your photographs can slow down how you photograph, engage you with your subject and makes your photographs more real. Read more

  • Fenlands


    What always draws me to the Fens time and time again is the sky. Nothing grows taller than the trees so the overhead panaroma is almost uninterrupted. Read more

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