• It’s just like flying!

    It’s just like flying!

    Not all the articles in this blog will be about photography although they will all contain photographs. This article about cycling (another passion of mine) includes pictures I took of cyclists riding around the part of London I live in. You can view more of these and other photographs in the Cycling and Cyclists gallery.Continue… Read more

  • Photographing from the outside

    Photographing from the outside

    My exhibition showed one view of the old railway line, possibly an outsider’s view, but there are other photographic projects that could be made of the boat train that used run through Weymouth. Read more

  • The noise of time

    The noise of time

    The sound of that instance when I fire the shutter to capture photographs ripple back and foward through time. Read more

  • Home town

    Home town

    An enforced sojourn in my home town results in a few reflections on its past and present, and I am struck by the unique attraction of an actual railway line running down the middle of the road. Read more

  • Self-portrait


    Welcome and thank you for stopping. This is brief introduction to myself and the purpose of this blog. Feel free to skip! Read more

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