• Good Friday

    Good Friday

    At Easter 2023 I spent a few days cycling in Dorset, exploring a few of my favourite places in the south of the county. Here is the first of a short series of articles on the each of the rides. On Good Friday I headed out east to explore some of the county’s literary and… Read more

  • Greenwich


    A visit to Greenwich to explore some of its lesser know landmarks Read more

  • Things I have carried with me

    Things I have carried with me

    A short reflection on some of the objects that I have carried through my life. Could I ever get rid of them? Could the photographs I have taken of them replace them? Read more

  • 2022


    The year has turned and we are all stepping tentatively into 2023. Before I travel too far into the new year I thought I would spend a little time looking back on the past year. This, therefore, is a short walk through each month of 2022. Read more

  • Making photographs

    Making photographs

    I am always fascinated by the process of photographing; why I photograph and what actually goes through my mind as I choose to take a particular photograph. Read more

  • New Year’s Day

    New Year’s Day

    I cycle; I stop; I photograph. A New Year’s Day ride to the corner of a quiet churchyard. Read more

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