Calendar 2024

Twelve months of beautiful photographs on your kitchen wall.

The theme of the 2024 calendar is “The shape of trees”.

I go cycling into the countryside a lot taking my camera with me, and very often I am struck by a solitary tree stood on the horizon. In winter it is in stark relief against the sky; come the spring and its edges soften; with summer it is in full flourish; finally, come the autumn it puts on an exhilarating display before sleeping once more.

This calendar celebrates this ever changing scene, displaying solitary trees and sociable trees, trees hanging on in almost inhospitable circumstances, and trees that have given up and become monuments standing in the midst of the living forest; even in death they have a lasting beauty.

Each year I produce a calendar as an act of faith for the future. The continuing shape of trees upholds that faith for me.

The calendar is available in a limited run for £17.50 (includes post and packing in the UK). Click on the button below to purchase.

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