Christmas cards are often seen as a thing of the past now that we can keep in touch via email and social media. However I feel that sending something tangible, something you have held and written in, to someone else is a way of connecting to that other person.

If you feel the same I have produced a few Christmas card designs from the quirky to the traditional.

Click on the button below each design to purchase (this will take you to an external website,, to complete your order)

Oranges and lemons

A simple series of designs showing back lit slices of dried orange, lemon and lime

“The beautiful warm colours give a real Christmassy feel. … They put me in mind of mince pies and mulled wine.”

Urban Christmas Trees

Just after Christmas one year I strolled around my local neighbourhood and observed the number of Christmas trees abandoned on the side of the road. Until recently they had taken pride of place in a home but now they were rejected so I decided to give them last hurrah. I headed home to find some baubles and photographed each tree or a part of a tree temporarily re-adorned.

Party time

A series of cards celebrating the party atmosphere at Christmas time.

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