A cycle ride

Join me on a cycle ride through the Buckinghamshire countryside on a late August day.

From the sea to the city

Sometimes I have ridden to the end of the road and looked out upon the sea. In July 2023 I went the other way. After holidaying near the North Norfolk coast I cycled back into Norwich to catch the train home.


Much of my photography is made whilst out cycling on country lanes. As I ride along I have plenty of time to look around me, and one thing I notice are the “Slow” signs painted on the road. This is a meditation on the painted sign.


Keeping a journal of your photographs can slow down how you photograph, engage you with your subject and makes your photographs more real.


What always draws me to the Fens time and time again is the sky. Nothing grows taller than the trees so the overhead panaroma is almost uninterrupted.

A photo a day

Throughout 2023 I have been trying an experiment – to take a photograph every single day. We are halfway through the year so how am I getting on?


Today I praise the humble tripod. For many photographers a tripod can be cumbersome but essential to keep the camera stable. It can also be used to slow down your photography and become more in tune with your subject.

May Day

A few photographs taken on a bike ride exploring the woodlands, churchyards and country lanes of Hertfordshire on May Day 2023.

Holidaying at home

It’s easier to take photographs on holiday when everything is new and exciting but how do you replicate that excitement when you are not on holiday?


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